Vellore Golden Temple Tour Package from Chennai

Vellore is one of the best places of South. The famous Golden Temple of Mahalakshmi is nearly 25 kms from the Vellore. We are offering best tour package for Vellore Golden Temple Tour Package from Chennai. It is a beautiful city and there are many site seeing places in city. It is a place which can be visited for one day and also for more than that. The Golden Temple Tour Packages are available for all type of tours. There are many people who are just wishing to visit the place for 1 day and so for them the transportation tour would prove best. It will pick them from their place and also drop them at same place. They would take them around the city and visit different place. In this type of transportation package all the rates are inclusive means you are not required to pay any parking charge or toll tax charge further.

The family who really wish to enjoy the beauty of south would stay for more than one day and so the Golden Temple Tour Packages would help them to get accommodation and also food in the city. Vellore is a good city and there are many hotels available. The package would help to have a room booked for you prior you visit Vellore. They will take you from railway station or airport to eth hotel where you can get fresh. They can also help to get good lunch and also visit all the attractive locations of Vellore. They offer differed AC and Non AC cars for traveling around city.